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The Mountaineers of Katoomba

The Mountaineers of Katoomba follows a man who travels to Australia in the wake of his brother's death. Here, he meets a woman who runs a hostel renowned for personifying its guests' fears.

Bradley Michael was born and raised in Michigan's Detroit area. His background in storytelling began with discovering a love of writing at an early age.

Most recently, Bradley’s work includes Harper (writer, producer, director) a short drama/sci-fi film following a time traveler searching for her husband. The project was selected to screen at 9 different film festivals across the US and was awarded an achievement in writing during its run. Additional works include Windows (writer, producer), a short film following a woman’s curiosity turned obsession with her neighbors; and The Artist Collective Project (director, producer), a feature documentary journeying through the backroads of Michigan as five young artists create work motivated by the scenery they find.

Bradley is also an avid backpacker & outdoorsman, having recently completed a 500-mile hike from Denver to Durango along the Colorado trail. He has also trekked in Australia, Japan & Nepal, and dreams of his next adventure in the desert.

He currently resides in Farmington Hills, MI.


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