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President of Montreal Council of Women at the Montreal Women Film Festival

Montreal Women Film Festival is sponsored by Montreal Independent Film Magazine and Minima Films. The fest is also partner of Montreal Independent Film festival and an international live screening event which happens every year on March 8th at the Cinema du Parc for International Women's Day. The festival also has a competition dedicated to promoting and screening female voices and female artists from all over the world.

The first edition of the festival kicked off at the Cinema du Parc for the International Women's day when Linda Serpone, the President of Montreal Council of Women spoke about the importance of the festival and its role in recognizing and screening films dealing with women's rights and promoting women directors.

Monreal Women Film Festival Brings together female artists who will focus on both emerging and established female filmmakers with fiction, documentary, animation, experimental and all genres which can inspire the world and promote female voices. The fest celebrates films that empower female directors, writers, producers, and female characters.


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