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PENTACLUB (The Club of Five)

The year is 1968. Five teenage boys dream of running a movie theater in which they will not show pro-war films. PENTACLUB (The Club of Five) was a nominee of the seasonal festival of MIFF in the best composer and best first-time filmmaker category. The composer of the film is Maria Tomaselli and the film project is directed by Roberto Strazzarino.

One summer afternoon Giò, Delfo, Max, Ricky and Paolo learn to become trusted friends, indispensable to one another.

The film is a coming-of-age, adventure film about friendship, one with small but large rebellious acts that signal the end of childhood and the beginning of adulthood. A group of friends, who met in the 1960s, was essential to the film’s production. Therefore, Pentaclub is a film about friendship, both on the screen and behind the scenes.

Roberto Strazzarino is a 69 years old artist who born in Italy. His parents worked in the Italian film factory called “Ferrania” and he has been a self-taught filmmaker since the times of 8mm and his career started in the cinemas of1960’s.

The proximity of the film factory sparked the desire to try his own hand at filmmaking and the use of the 8mm camera helped create familiarity with the medium.

His participation in “in camera editing” competitions has favored the development of a strong sense of visual storytelling which allows, through careful planning and detailed storyboarding, to shoot each scene almost as it will be seen on the screen, without having to rely on heavy coverage and editing.

His passion for film has remained alive/present throughout his life, also thanks to his attendance at the Venice Film Festival as a correspondent for private radio stations and specialized magazines since 1979, the year of the festival’s relaunch with Carlo Lizzani.

Since his retirement he has dedicated himself full-time to his passion of filmmaking. He has attended film courses at the Sentieri Selvaggi School in Rome and at the Holden School in Turin. In 2019 he enrolled at New York University - Tisch School of the Arts where he took the course “Sight and Sound Filmmaking.”



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