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"Nothing" is a captivating indie pop track that transports listeners to a dreamy and timeless musical universe, elevating their experience beyond the confines of worldly reality. The song's ethereal synths and haunting vocals effortlessly create a mesmerizing soundscape that is both otherworldly and deeply emotive, leaving a long-lasting impression on the listener's soul.

Andrea Dekovic is a Mexican-Chilean artist who was born in Mexico City and gradually discovered her own way to create what she loves. With a weird blend of studies in Engineering, Film & Photography, Art and Design, and Technology Research/Information Architecture, she strives to express her ideas and feelings through a sci-fi/dreamy aesthetic. Constantly learning and experimenting with new materials, software, lighting, and more, she aims to share what she cannot express with words. Andrea finds herself in a constant battle against shame and imposter syndrome, endeavoring to showcase her work without being too ostentatious. Using her own resources, she finances her own projects and ideas. Currently, she pursues spiritual development by connecting with people through her art as a means of introduction.

Watch "Nothing":


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