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My house is your house

The Segura family has just bought a house at a real estate auction, by acquiring an irresponsible loan with the bank. That wouldn't be a serious problem if the house wasn't still occupied by the Cadena family, the former owners, who have been using all possible tricks to avoid eviction for months; this is why, the Seguras, led by Victoria, decide to enter the house illegally. When both families realize the dirty strategies the others have used, a fierce battle breaks out, where both parties will have to decide either to use the house bricks to attack each other, or to join forces and build together a strategy that might allow them to recover a piece of those dreams they have pawned to the bank.

"My house is your house" is a TV Series directed by Carlos Millán and Francisco Zornosa. The project is a nominee of the TV series/We/Pilot category of the summer/2022 MIFF in Canada.



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