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Hating Beckett

"Hating Beckett" is about a couple’s post-theater dinner date when it turns confrontational as the pair discuss the merits of Samuel Beckett’s Rough for Theatre II. Things escalate to the point of disclosed trauma, bitter recriminations and hurled bread rolls — and it becomes clear they have a few issues to work out.

Matthew Gossin is a fifth generation, native Californian born in Santa Monica. After spending the bulk of his adolescence in San Diego and attending a Performing Arts High School there, he attended USC Film School, graduating with a degree in Cinema Production and a minor in French. While at USC, he participated in two semesters abroad - one in Paris and the other in Madrid, where he met his future wife. He has worked as a freelance editor since leaving USC.

He has worked on many reality shows including the Emmy Award winning "The Osbournes" and the first season of "Big Brother". Nominated for a Cable Ace Award for his work on the "MTV Movie Awards", Matthew has directed for the Travel Channel and Discovery Home & Leisure Channel. A founding member of the OddSquad comedy troop, he was both a producer and editor on "Fell, Jumped, or Pushed" the group's first feature-length comedy. The film gained entry into several smaller festivals around the world (under the name "Let Others Suffer") - winning some awards. Matthew works in many facets of production and lives in Van Nuys, California with his wife and two sons.

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