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Dubbed the Buddhist Bomber by a female news magnate whose attention she has attracted through the deliberate planting of clues ALISE treks across 1988 America harming solely unoccupied Mercedes Benz parked in industrial lots. A quest to wake people up to what is being done in their name to neighbors and society and an attempt to answer the question posed by her newborn before dying regarding her mama's miscarriage at a 1968 peace rally, “What did you sacrifice my unborn baby brother for?".

Alise's quest expands beyond answering her deceased daughter's question into additionally, painfully, forcing her to deal finally with her rage at the trivialization and subsequent commercialization of a movement that many sacrificed much for and whose lives were permanently upended. A generation of young people who actually thought that they could create a peaceful world via their love.

Alise ultimately chooses to sacrifice her own life to ensure the ‘airtime’ a female news magnate promises her to cover those issues affecting the perennial voiceless who are generally ignored, actually occurs. This goal is further supported by an army of everyday people who spread her bold manifesto across America using the simplest low-tech device of CB radios.

Equally significantly, AIRTIME illuminates an actual 40 plan whose goal was to upend democracy in order to protect the financial interests of the powerful few. Architects of the plan, The Trilateral Commission, were scared by the 60’s generation composed of politically engaged students they felt were too civic minded, educated, and willing to go up against the military industrial complex with righteous determination.

Collaborator Alex Guerineaud and Pamela Joan Enz wrote the feature screenplay of AIRTIME together. Alexandra Guérineaud is an Actor-Writer-Producer based in Los Angeles, originally from Bordeaux, France. She trained at A.C.T. in San Francisco where she worked with indie filmmaker Lynn Hershman Leeson on sci-fi “Teknolust” and appeared in Caveh Zahedi’s “I Am a Sex Addict”. Her dark comedy series “Frennemis Jurés” and neo-noir short film “Satin White” (co-writer, co-producer, actor) have won multiple awards on the festival circuit.


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