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"majorMinority" aims to create a discussion on representation and misrepresentation of

diversity in Canada. Khalid Salahadin Zampini is a Djibouti born Ethiopian/Canadian artist raised in Italy, resident in Montreal, Canada. In this documentary he narrates his personal journey in coming to Canada from Italy and from Ethiopia, and the differences between the bland racism and subtle racism he perceives on some stereotypical ads and lack of ads representing diversity on media. This documentary gives us the chance to hear the opinions of everyday people on this topic.

For over 25 years Khalid has been immersed in the world of visual arts and of performing arts. All through his childhood to his university years at Concordia, Montreal, Q.C. Canada as a theatre student in the fine arts, he has been shifting from different styles and practices such as: music, theatre, painting, photography, and film. Khalid S. Z. wrote, directed and co-produced Cold Country with award winning director Masoud Raouf; With the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and published by RCI (Radio Canada International)

Khalid S. Z. founded Nuvola Productions, a documentary, film and photography company. Fluent in over 6 languages, he can easily communicate and connect with individuals from all kinds of backgrounds. He translates and tells the tales of the extraordinary people and life situations that he encounters. He brings forward the social contexts and dynamics influencing theirs and his daily life.

Watch majorMinority:


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