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"Kismet" is not just a music video but it is an award winning experimentation with the music video genre and a testimony about arts, healing and spirituality. The director of the project, Jocelyn Fee Miller has stated before that the project is about a grief cycle experienced, healed and experienced again. Between music production and film production, her mother died unexpectedly, illuminating an entire new level of messaging from the original Sound Track. The music came first, but the film concept came on strong and relentless when the editor worked with over 400 clips, procured from 5 different production dates between November 2020 - May 2021.

After a decade long hiatus from performing - Jocelyn birthed her own music project 'Jane Free' which led to her debut production: 'Kismet Music Film'. It was our pleasure to speak to Jocelyn Fee Miller about "Kismet". The project was recently an award winner of Montreal Independent Film Festival.

Watch Kismet:


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