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Vital Instruments

Vital Instruments is a short narrative and a horror genre directed by Greg Kase. In this dark fever dream, a botched pawn shop robbery sends desperate brothers Walter and Pete, and their newly employed getaway driver Cutty, hobbling to a safe house that was supposed to be abandoned. Instead, they find shackled women in critical need of their help. Things complicate after their captor is mortally wounded in a shootout, and the predicament as to why they are prisoners in the first place becomes highly questionable—especially after the first one they reluctantly release immediately (and violently) kills herself, and the rest of them start chanting in ancient tongues.

Greg Kase is a versatile filmmaker with expertise in directing, writing, producing, and managing film locations. He co-founded Kingdom of Roach, LLC, a production company dedicated to pushing the boundaries of storytelling and filmmaking.

His notable works include "Vital Instruments" and "Under the Bridge," where he served as director, writer, and producer. He has also contributed to renowned productions like "The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live," "Madame Web," "Transformers 7," and "3 Body Problem" in the role of location manager.

Since 2018, Greg has been actively shaping the world of creative storytelling and logistical excellence through Kingdom of Roach, LLC.

Watch Vital Instruments:


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