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The Winners of Toronto Film Magazine

Toronto Film Magazine has a monthly online contest and film festival for indie filmmakers working on shorts and features of all genres.

The committee announced the winners in various categories and the lineup of winners looks very promising and indeed exciting for all film lovers.

Here is the list of the winners:

Best Feature Film


Directed by:

Whitney Hamilton

Best Short Film & Best Actor & Best Actress

Blind Date

Directed by: David Schumann

Starring: Zein Khleif & Tyler Courtad

Best Series & Best Cinematography


Directed by:

Marco North

Honorable Mention in Series


Directed by:

Christopher Jones

Best Comedy

Ex First Lady

Directed by:

Natalia Montecinos

Best Science Fiction

Incoming Impact

Directed by:

Arek Zasowski

Best Animation


Directed by:

M. A. Ristvedt

Best Experimental

No Truth

Directed by:

Monika Peczeli

Best Horror

Confessions - The Series

Directed by: Ernest Serrano

Best Student Film

Revenge of the Supermom

Directed by:

Sara Page

Best Indie Film


Directed by: Grohmann, Dieter Michael

Honorable mention Short Filmmaking

Justice for Vincent

Directed by: Andy Palmer

Best Comedy

Becca on Call

Directed by:

Jenness Rouse, Matt Draper

Best Documentary

Hotel Brothers

Directed by: Lucas Boychuk

Honorable Mention Documentary

Treasures Of The Chesapeake

Directed by:

Christopher Lapinski

Best Canadian Film


Directed by: Sarah Deakins


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