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The Praise of Four Seasons – NAMUL

Ahn Cha-main believes that excessive meat-eating and junk foods causing chronic illnesses, environmental pollution, careless eating habits. The Praise of Four Season is a docu which tells the story of a simple but fascinating world of NAMUL – a Korean seasoned vegetable dish. It contains the wonder of life and represents the philosophy of Korean food about coexistence between humans and nature.

Namul saved the people’s lives suffering from the history of a long war, exploitation and food shortage in the past. It has now emerged globally as one of the alternative ways for sustainable food and healthy eating culture. This documentary also proposes a visual delight of Korean cuisine and beautiful scenery throughout four seasons, especially in 8K.

The founder of MIN Production, Ahn Cha-main has over 20 years’ experience as a cinematographer, producer and director. He has been working with major broadcasting companies in Korea KBS, SBS, MBC. He was working for BBC few years ago for one of their Korean-themed projects restoration. He was also one of the official cameramen for IOC to make an official record film of Olympic. One of his documentaries, called Where Is My Son? is about a life of a mother in her 90s and her son in his 70s – this one was shown in theaters in 2015.


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