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"Spotlight on the Seasonal Winners of the Montreal Independent Film Festival"

Montreal Independent Film Festival was founded with the intention to support, promote and screen indie films of all genres from all over the globe. The devotion of the festival to the cinematic language has turned MIFF Canada into one the most popular international competitions with seasonal and annual programs for independent filmmakers and artists working on a variety of arthouse indie projects. The annual screening of the fest will be a 4-day event in September through Cinema du Parc, various art venues and the MIFF online platform.

Cannes award winners and Oscar nominees have also joined emerging independent artists to compete in various sections of the festival. With thousands of entries every year, the programming committee selects film and script projects and nominates artists for various sections of the competition which also includes awards and honorable mentions of the seasonal festival in acting, directing, cinematography, screenwriting, editing, music video, experimental cinema, animation, student film, etc.  

The festival is a hybrid event with thousands of entries in various sections and recognizing hundreds of film projects and artists every year. MIFF Canada is devoted to artists and independent cinema. Every year, the short film screenings of MIFF are sold out in the cinema. It is our pleasure to announce the latest seasonal winners of the competition in various categories. 

Here is the full list to the winners:

Best Narrative Feature & Best Human Rights

The Strangers' Case

Director: Brandt Andersen

Best Independent Film


Director: Francesco Jost

Best Narrative Short


Director: Niels Windfeldt

Honorable Mention Canadian Short


Director: Maxime Laurin

Honorable Mention Canadian Short


Director: Tylor Hanley 

Best Feature Documentary

Beyond the Beach: The Hell and the Hope

Directors: Graeme Scott, Buddy Squires

Best Short Documentary

Once a Child Soldier

Director: Janet P Gardner

Honorable Mention Short Documentary 


Director: Víctor Pérez Pelayo

Best Comedy

The Italians

Director: Michelle Danner

Best Animation

The Strange Case of The Human Cannonball

Director: Roberto Valencia

Honorable Mention Animation 

Ave Maria

Director: Garry Yakovlevich Bardin

Best Science Fiction



Best Web Series/TV Pilot

Canusa Street

Director: Zack Morrison

Best Experimental


Director: Bingqing Mou

Honorable Mention Experimental 

Spaceboy (A film in seven songs)

Director: Naomi Silver-Vézina

Honorable Mention Experimental 

The Poem We Sang

Director: Annie Sakkab

Best Environmental

Nuraga Bhumi

Director: Danielle Khan Da Silva

Best Female Director of the season

Lines of a Woman

Director: Melissa Gagliardi

Best First-Time Filmmaker


Director: Tim Seyfert

Best Student Film

Brothers: A Civil War Story

Director: Casey Schaffer

Best Short LGBTQ

Emerald City

Director: Josef Steiff

Best Music Video


Director: Masha Shalagina

Best Thriller of the season

Black Society

Director: Ramon Térmens

Best Canadian Indie of the season

The Movie Man

Director: Matt Finlin

Best Director of the season


Director: Martin Guigui

Best Cinematographer of the season

Max Grunauer & Leon Markl


Best Actor of the season

Radko Polič


Best Actress of the season



Best Editor of the season

Elina Antoniou


Best Composer of the season

Will Taylor

Protocol 7

Best Unproduced Feature Script

About That Night

Elizabeth Page

Best Unproduced Short Script


Alejandro Vilpa


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