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The monkey

June has found her first summer job, taking care of Constance, a sensitive child in need of love. June befriends the little girl and harbours the illusion of becoming her year-round nanny. As June becomes attached to the child, she discovers the violence of class relations and the denial of her identity.

Itziar Leemans graduated from the International Film School of Havana in 2012. In 2015 and 2020, she directed two feature-length documentaries on Cuba: Parque Lenin and Boca Ciega. In 2018, she directed a short fiction film: Bainera. In 2022, she directed her third feature documentary: Olatuak (The Waves). In 2023, she directed the short fiction film Ximinoa (The Monkey). She is currently writing her first feature film: Agurra (Farewell).


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