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The Just: An award winning short

The Just is an award-winning short film by Kandace Cornell. The film explores themes such as the abuse of power, corruption in law enforcement, and the injustice that exists in the system. The film is about a desperate young man who decides to rob a house. A gangster-like figure who owns the house pulls out the gun on the robber and holds him hostage while he calls the cops to come and arrest him. What happens afterward is a devastating tragedy that creates an extraordinary plot and a very entertaining narrative in the film. The homeowner and the robber keep waiting for the cops to arrive while they start to sympathize with each other and become friends. When he is about to let him go, the cops arrive and they make a mistake and accidentally shoot the homeowner who is holding the gun. The film is about the complexity of human relations and police brutality.

The film explores good and evil, guilt and innocence, and a plot that twists between the right and wrong.

The film has premiered in numerous film festivals and has-been awarded recently as the best picture and the best script of Montreal International Indie Short Film Awards. The film was earlier awarded at the LA Live Film Festival where it had its world premiere. The French premier of the film was at the Nice Film Festival.

Kandace Cornell is the writer and the director of this award winning short film. She studied at the scriptwriting program of UCLA after her graduation with an MA from Emerson College. Kandace spent several years at Sony Pictures and has been working as a scriptwriter for many years. She worked with notable producers at Sony and The Just is the directorial debut of Cornell.

The script, directing style, and the cinematic language of the film proves a very promising and talented filmmaker who could turn into an important role model for the younger generation of female filmmakers who are interested in directing a genre that is social, entertaining and critical.

The Just is about how everyone is the victim in an unjust society.


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