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Siibii - YOY

Siibii - Yoy is a conceptual Canadian video clip made for the two-spirit's indigenous singer Siibii Petawabano, for the song entitled YOY.

Born in a utopian city built in the center of Brazil, Alexandre Fortes is a photographer and filmmaker that recently chose the territory of Montreal (Tio-Tiake), Canada, to continue his personal and professional development. At 18 years old, his desire for self-expression sent him to Rio de Janeiro where he completed a degree in photography and started building his artistic identity. He worked on various productions between advertising campaigns, fashion shoots, and personal projects.

Alexandre's work is a storytelling blend of underground mystery with a contemporary photographic style. His experience as an editor along with his early career as a photographer boosted his passion for visual storytelling, which is reflected in every work he produces.

Alexandre also directed and produced the experimental short film "The Movement", which was pre-selected for the Toronto International Independent Film Festival 2018. He was also awarded at the Toronto Indie Shorts Festival 2021 as a cinematographer for Angel Baribeau's music video.

Over the course of 18 years, Alexandre's work has become recognized both nationally and internationally. He won the Best Video Prize - Action AID in 2008 in South Africa, and was invited to attend the Raindance Film Festival in London, in 2012, for directing the short film "Faithful".


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