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Red Road

Wanted by the police, Martha has isolated herself from society, hunting dingoes for cash, always on the move in her RV. We glimpse her former life, she was married, she had friends, she was pregnant. That life is no more. All she has now is the constant threat of police discovery and the rifle at her side. Martha's drifter lifestyle is put on hold when she returns to find a feral young woman raiding the RV. At first, Martha is hostile towards the intruder, threatening to shoot her, but then she notices the woman is pregnant. The young woman, Sable, belongs to a deranged cult, hidden away from civilization. Sable begs Martha not to take her back. Martha reluctantly agrees to drive her to the next town. The cult pursues them in a monstrous truck, stalking them day and night. Martha is torn, is this woman worth the trouble? As the cult gains on them, Martha's only option is to get off the road and hide out in a motel. The owner, Jim, is a frail Nam-Veteran, an old friend of Martha's. Martha resists her maternal

instincts and instead chooses self-preservation. The mantle of protector passes onto Jim, who agrees to safeguard Sable until the road is clear. Martha bids Sable an emotional farewell, but before they can part ways the motel is ambushed by the cult. Violence ensues, Jim is murdered, Sable is taken, Martha is left for dead. For Martha, this is all too familiar, a flashback reveals she lost her unborn child at the hands of her abusive husband. Martha gathers the last of her strength, fractured memories reveal her past crime. She won't let the same thing happen again, her maternal instincts restored, now she will risk everything to save Sable and the unborn. Martha sets off after the cult, a bloody red road lies ahead.

An emerging screenwriter and producer who divides his time between Melbourne and London, Jourdan has a curious eye for storytelling that stems from his background as a travel photographer. His experience in capturing unique perspectives has informed his approach to screenwriting, drawing inspiration from the diverse cultures he has encountered during his travels. This approach has garnered attention in the film industry, his feature script "Red Road" received an honourable mention at the Changing Face International Film Festival in 2022. He has also contributed as an associate producer on "When The Screaming Starts," a critically acclaimed feature film recently released by Signature Entertainment. With a strong commitment to developing his craft, Jourdan is poised to make a significant impact as a new member to the up-and-coming Riotous Films team.


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