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Marty Walker, an unemployed woman desperate for an income, gets a job at the agency MIMIC. When Marty goes on her first assignment as a MIMICer, she finds herself forming an unexpected connection with the girlfriend of the man she's been assigned to impersonate.

Ani Stein, the director of "Pseudea", grew up in Los Angeles, California and attended Marist College in New York, where she earned her degree in Film and Television Production. "PSEUDEA," is her senior capstone film and one of her short film directorial credits.

In her director statement, Ani has stated that this film is a reflection of society at its lowest in which people deceive one another, hoping to feel accepted. MIMIC, an agency that the wealthy utilizes, hires Marty. She is a gay, lower class woman who is assigned for the day to become Elliot; a straight, upper class man. Marty invites the audience to explore both the security and struggles of portraying someone she is not. With only five full days of filming, the cast and crew brought an incredible energy and enthusiasm to set each day.


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