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Plucking Tangerines

In a South London flat bereaved playwright Ava holds on to the memory of her late best friend Fran, evoking her aura and hindering her final departure. However, when Fran defies all of her friend's ploys to keep her inside, the only option left for Ava is to acquiesce and set her own imagination free.

Rossella Di Pietro is a London-based writer and filmmaker interested in female-led narratives exploring the themes of absence and human connection. She contributed her photography and writing to a few outlets, such as PolaroidTapes, Hook Magazine, Pepe Magazine, and The White Room Magazine, where she served as a film essayist.

Her first short film Plucking Tangerines premiered at the 2022 London Independent Film Festival, was February finalist at the 2022 Boden International Film Festival and played in the official selection of the 2022 North East International Film Festival.


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