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Old Hearts Cafe: Postmodern indie

Old Hearts Cafe is an award-winning experimental film by Ken Holmes. The film feeds you with poetry and intellectualism and pushes the boundaries of the cinematic language. The film is about the existence and the suffering of the artist himself.

Old Hearts Cafe could be called an avant-garde and a postmodern experiment in the language of cinema. The film was recently awarded as the best experimental film of the Toronto Short Film Channel Festival and has premiered in many international film festivals within the past few months.

Ken Holmes is the actor, writer, and the producer of this independent film. The film is directed by Ken Holmes and Cameron Gallagher. The narrative structure of this art-house author film and the directing style of the film demands the attention of the audience.

Ken Holmes considers himself an experimental filmmaker. He is also a poet and an actor. A poetic language is foregrounded in the film and and he was inspired by the distancing effect of Brecht to make Old Hearts Cafe.

The film is about a film featuring the artist, questioning the arts, artist and his life. The film is about deconstructing existence.

Ken Holmes is also a poet and his poetry is reflected in his cinematic language. Old Hearts Cafe was also inspired by the character-driven based poetry of Holmes.

Old Hearts Cafe was also the name of the radio show that was hosted by Ken in College.

Ken Holmes was born in Teaneck, New Jersey in the United States. He moved to Vermont with his family when he was three. Ken was passionate about arts, performing, and cinema.

Ken graduated from CSC cum laude with a bachelor of arts in theatre.

Ken has worked on over 30 art film projects.

Old Hearts Cafe has been shown in film festivals all over the world and has won numerous awards.

Ken is also the founder of the Rain & Neon Productions in 2008.


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