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"Not Yet"

Jeffrey Jones and his wife, Marieve Herington have been creative partners and their mission is telling stories that make women feel seen. While they appreciate and respect all the entertainment industry has done to change the narrative for women, Hollywood’s message still feels incomplete to them. Marieve is the writer, producer and the actress of a short directed by Jeffrey called "Not Yet".

After finding out that she was unwanted by her mother, a woman grapples with her own lacking maternal desires as she feels pressure from her baby-crazy husband and pregnant best friend.

The creative couple believe that any person who realizes a truth within themselves that is outside the norm of society deserves to have their story told, and their choice respected.

Marieve was actually pregnant while she was working on the short film.

Jeff studied Philosophy at the University of Puget Sound before getting his Master’s degree from Syracuse’s Newhouse School, where he fell in love with directing and writing. Jeff started directing short form content and won awards for his Instagram series “Instagrammie.” As a writer he’s worked for Disney’s Big City Greens, adapted the book “Crossers” for AEI, and writes for video games. He’s currently the head writer on an upcoming series of animated shorts based on an NFT collection. He’s been recognized in numerous screenwriting competitions along with his wife and writing partner, Marieve Herington who he also directs weekly sketches with on Tik Tok. Their sketches have garnered millions of views and show the weird and wonderful journey of parenthood.


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