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Missing String

Marie is a young woman who sees black strings coming out of people's heads. She is the only one who sees them, and she can guess people's inner emotions by looking at their string. Everyone has a string, except her.

Hugo Remy is 23 years old French writer and director. He mainly learned filmmaking through practicing as an independent since he was 16 years old. He was born and raised in Paris and moved to Montréal in 2019. He studied film theory at the University of Sorbonne Paris 1 and Concordia University.

Hugo got the idea for Missing String at a time when he was questioning, to a great extent, how he perceives himself and other people. He uncovered some personal issues, but he couldn't exactly pinpoint their origin. Why do I have these issues? These thoughts left him disconnected from both him and the world around.

When something is wrong or missing, but it is impossible to fully grasp what it is due to the lack of an explanation. So, nothing much can be done. This creates a disconnect from oneself. Meanwhile, everyone else appears just fine and this, creates the disconnect from others. This feeling is what Missing String is about. To make the audience experience this strange, difficult to fully grasp, feeling was his primary purpose as a writer, a director, and a filmmaker.



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