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‘Maundy’ is the story of an enigmatic outcast who lives his life looking out the window of his family’s dry cleaning shop. Battling the mundane end of summer days, a group of un-expected characters splash their way into his life. Their lives mirror what once was, leading Maundy to chase his wandering mind and find the answers to his past that he’s been searching for.

Adriana Marchand is a female filmmaker from Vancouver, Canada. She received her BFA in Theater from The University of Victoria, attended London’s Guildhall School of Music and Drama and completed a Diploma of Art History from The University of British Columbia. At twenty-five ‘Maundy’ is Marchand's cinematic debut as a writer, director, producer and editor. Through a diverse upbringing of contemporary and historical media and aesthetics, she’s developed a multifaceted art practice that translates boldly to the screen. She refreshes audiences with both a comedic and poetic voice, while her nuanced but cheeky direction intertwines humor, grief, and love seamlessly.

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