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Lima 3.31

In the 1970s in Latin America, life was joyous but treacherous; Dictators and revolutionaries use the kidnapping of people as their preferred methodology to create fear and fund their lavish life style. LIME 3.31 is inspired by the true story of Ransom negotiator, Valente Flores who earns his living working for an insurance company which specializes in abductions: a job that tests not only his survival skills, but also his mantle state. His task is to negotiate the ransom; and his mission is to rescue the hostages, ALIVE. Valente does his job in a stealthy way and without fanfare. Meticulously, he has always avoided relating directly to people so as not to be identified. He does not share information with anyone except Carlos Garcia, his one and only true friend. Valente reveals to him that he´s got one last mission to accomplish, before he can retire to a less dangerous way of life. However, this last mission will take Valente straight into the heart of the jungle, where the Andean guerrilla call home and will require Valente to use all of his life experience and strength to save not only his client but himself. Lima 3.31 is directed by

Marcelo Torcida.


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