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Latest Winners of Toronto Film Channel

Toronto Film Channel festival is a screening platform and a competition for filmmakers from all over the world. Toronto Film Channel has created many breakthroughs in the career of filmmakers by screening, marketing, featuring, and awarding films of all genres in various categories.

Toronto Film Channel was started as a screening platform but then later turned into a unique form of a film festival blending with a TV channel that screens official selections every day.

The channel allows the filmmakers to publicly share their screenings with families, friends, cast, crew, and everyone on social media.

The Toronto Film Channel committee recently announced the winners of its latest edition as follows:

Best Feature Film


Directed by: Neil Marshal

Best Canadian Short Film


Directed by: Eli Speigel

Best First Time Filmmaker

The Dispensable

Directed by: Robert J Morgalo

Best Experimental Film

Shoe Horn/ Office

Directed by: Ingrid Nachstern

Best Short Film

In your hands

Directed by: Lorenzo Maria Chierici

Best Short Film Director

Nowhere to go

Directed by: Julie Pacino

Best Comedy

We're boring Harold

Directed by: Andrew Crocker

Best Documentary

Fabric of Change

Directed by: Jennine Terra Rybicki & Karli Clark


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