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It did not come

"It did not come" is an experimental poetic film by Kaveh Rasouli. The short film is based on a poem of Reza Baraheni who is one of the most important Iranian poets. It is an abstract short film about the "It didn't come" poem from one of the famous Iranian authors and poet Reza Baraheni.

Kaveh Rasouli is an Iranian digital media artist. He was born on 1 May 1986 in Tehran, the capital of Iran. He produced and directed his first short film in 2012 " little Prince".

He received an international awards as the 1st Place at First Phone Festival Film, Turkey, 2013. He worked as the manager of Tehran Technical Institute (The first digital media department in Iran). He achieved the prize of "Overall Winner" with his team at Techsters Startup weekend in Berlin in 2018.

It did not come was an official selection of the experimental category of MIFF in the spring edition.



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