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In The Shadow Of God

In The Shadow Of God is an intense, supernatural horror story that was shot in the Pacific Northwest. It stars Sara Canning (Vampire Diaries, War For The Planet Of The Apes) and Adam Lolacher (The 100). The score was written with Nick Yacyshyn of the bands Baptists (Southern Lord Records) and Sumac (Thrilljockey Records).

As a woman packs up her childhood home following the passing of her father, she comes to learn that there may have been a more sinister threat behind his death, long buried on the grounds of the family home.

Having spent over 10 years on set on such movies as Inception, Cabin in the Woods, and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Brian has taken this unique experience and branched out into directing his own material. Since then, he has worked with such artists as Baptists (Southern Lord Records) Budos Band (Daptone Records), and Sumac (Thrilljockey Records) in creating original narrative music videos as well as promotional material. COMPULSION marked his first production in film having written and directed the project. It ran for over two years through festivals and landed on ALTER for its online premiere.

In The Shadow Of God marks his second film and aims to continue with another festival run.



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