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To contribute to a better world filled with kindness, a young man named Makoto, joins a brain experiment to connect his brain waves with a female humanoid, Ageha, who has a human brain powered by general A.I. for Emotional Healing. As they learn to sympathize with each other, he begins mixing up his traumatic memory of childhood with his current reality. He desperately tries to quit the experiment, until Ageha asks him if he is truly okay with continuing to escape from his real problems.

Hiroki is a director and writer who studied directing in the MFA program at Chapman University in the US. Born in Japan, he cultivated his unique and delicate sensibility towards people, beauty, and life and death.

He studied education and psychology at a university in Tokyo, Japan, and he moved to the U.S. to study filmmaking in 2011. In 2016, he directed "Blue", Sci-Fi short film as a thesis film at Chapman University. "Blue" has been selected for film festivals, such as Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival, Orlando Film Festival, and Kyoto International Film Festival Creator's Factory.

He moved back to Japan in 2017, and he started developing the idea for his first feature film, "HAKONIWA" in 2020, which reflects his own childhood struggle and concern. Raising the money by crowdfunding and self-funding, he started to shoot "HAKONIWA" in 2021 and edited in 2022.



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