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Don Victor

"Don Victor is a story of a musician and a teacher who decides to devote his life teaching.

Don Victor Velazquez used to travel the world on cruises playing music for symphonic orchestras. He would also repair musical instruments for a living.

But after falsely being accused of a theft of an old famous violin worth millions of dollars; He decided to leave everything behind and start a new life. He ended up in a small isolated tropical island in Mexico. And just like Paul Gauguin the first thing he did upon arrival on the island was to take off his shoes and live barefoot for the rest of his life.

Don Victor now in his late 80s, is still dedicating his life teaching music, teaching English and also teaching how to make and fix classical instruments to the youth of the island for free. When he first arrived in the island with a small wooden boat, he realized that the lives of the islanders and specially of the kids evolved only around fishing. So he destroyed his boat in order to use the wood to make musical instruments, and give it to children, as an invitation and initiation into the magical world of music.

Every day he sits in the cultural center of the Island and teaches music, English and craftsmanship of chords instruments to whomever wants to learn.

Don Victor studied classical music and instruments making in expensive schools in Europe. But he knew that not many people could have such privilege specially in this small island. And so he decided to give back by sharing his time, his knowledge and experiences.

Khalid Salahadin Zampini is a Djibouti born Ethiopian/Canadian artist raised in Italy, resident in Montreal, Canada. For over 25 years Khalid has been immersed in the world of visual arts and of performing arts. All through his childhood to his university years at Concordia, Montreal, Q.C. Canada as a theatre student in the fine arts, he has been shifting from different styles and practices such as: music, theatre, painting, photography, and film.

Khalid S. Z. wrote, directed and co-produced Cold Country with award winning director Masoud Raouf; With the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and published by RCI (Radio Canada International)

Khalid S. Z. founded Nuvola Productions, a documentary, film and photography company. Fluent in over 6 languages, he can easily communicate and connect with individuals from all kinds of backgrounds. He translates and tells the tales of the extraordinary people and life situations that he encounters. He brings forward the social contexts and dynamics influencing theirs and his daily life.


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