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A hotel handyman gets fired and decides to seek revenge against his former boss and coworkers.

Born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario, Bryanna is a class of 2021 graduate from the Sault college digital film production course. She has a love for horror and a strong passion for storytelling. Her dreams are to make horror movies that truly frighten people to their cores, that make you question “what if this really happens” and to give people chills anytime they think about her movies.

Director Statement

There’s a great story behind this short film. It was filmed primarily in the hotel that I actually worked at and the maintenance man, Henry, is one of the real maintenance men that I work with. When I first met the actor, Grant, my first thought was “this guy must be a serial killer”. He’s so monotone and I’ll admit, he frightened me my first few days working at the hotel. Now that I’ve gotten to know him over the past 2 years, I know he would never hurt anyone, but in the back of my mind for a while there was always those thoughts of what if. During my first week of film school, we had to come up with different log lines of movies we could potentially make and that’s when I thought back to meeting Grant. Disgruntled, although fake, was written based on my first impression of the maintenance man at work.

Watch Disgruntled:


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