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'BINCHOOK' is a comedy about the tragedy of the creative person’s mind. To invoke curiosity for the mentally abnormal. A classic Australian public high school in 2022, the year 12 students riddled with stress and hormones as they anxiously anticipate life outside a schooling institution. ‘BINCHOOK’ follows April during this time and her process of grief after losing her best friend to suicide. The memorial service held by the school becomes somewhat of an awkward comedy stand up show, as April attempts to articulate the absolute tornado of emotions and confusion to her friends in the service.

Alana Louise studied BFA acting at Nida 2020 and has since worked professionally as an actor in both television, theatre and physical theatre. More celebrated Credits include Bali 2002 - STAN, Future proof - Arts centre Melbourne. Focusing on the art of film making Alana’s aim is to reveal and explore the awkwardness of the human condition, in the hopes of getting people to laugh together.

What makes you fascinated with the cinematic language and what was the first film project you worked on?

Where the impossible is possible. Anything I imagine can be realized! and I can reveal an embarrassing more awkward part of human nature without it being too much or being asked to leave. What I'd feel uncomfortable talking about or expressing in real time can be created and used to bring people together.

BINCHOOK is my first professional project. I developed the script over my third year of university as the end got closer I got more nervous about graduating so I used those nerves to write. I further developed the film during the second Sydney lockdown in 2021. It became my purpose in a time that felt purposeless.

Please tell us how your film came to life and let us know about the process from pre-production to completion.

I was fairly naive to the pre and post -production process before BINCHOOK. I had studied acting at NIDA and the film making process was left a mystery to me. Always something I've been intrigued by but the confidence was never there to learn.

I was certain I wanted to make a film about teen suicide, throughout my life it has been an unfortunate but recurring theme. The motivation to tell this story made me learn the beginnings offilm making. I reached out to friends at elite film universities, youtube channels and interviews with famous directors.

I owe every bit of BINCHOOK to the team who rallied around me to help create it. Gabriel, Julian, Dave, Matt, Vishal and the brilliant cast I went to uni with.

What was the most challenging aspect of working on this genre?

I wanted to explore the grief process through comedy. It was very hard to know if i was being funny or an offence dick. Also trying to keep my own experiences separate from a fictional narrative, I wanted the script to come from an honest place but be distant enough so i could play the lead role without being an emotional wreck.

What is your next film project and what are you currently working on?

'Cockasnook' - a short film set in the boot of a car, two brash female adolescents trying to comprehend their future after a life altering day. It's HECTIC! Similar genre to binchook comedy/drama/ awkward coming of age. It's funny because it's so tragic. The film is currently in post. I got to work with my very best friend and incredible actress Sarah Palmieri on this one. When you connect with someone so effortlessly the story telling is a bi-product of fun exploration, the trust in each to make ridiculous choices and see them work - This is going to be a special film.

What is the most creative part of directing a project for you?

Empowering your actors to be brave, reveal themselves and trust their instincts. As an actor I've craved permission from my directors. I don't only want to give my actors permission but inspire them beyond the safe choices. I want to fall in love with who I work with (on a professional level of course ) I want to know who you are and appreciate you as a person so we can work from what you've naturally got.

Does the language of cinema stand out more than other arts to you?

Absolutely! I feel less alone witnessing characters private moments. i feel inspired. I truly believe i was born an actor.

Why do you make films? I've started to make films to amke people laugh, to communicate my awkward thoughts, to bring people together.

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