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R. Djordan is a French Composer and Independent music producer who spent a large part of his life in Paris where he was born. Passionate about music (soul, groove, funk, electro, Movie soundtrack), he started to produce music tracks a long time ago from samples, self-taught. He then released in 2010 his first digital album which retraces 6 years of Groove and Electro instrumental production, with keyboard composition.

6 albums are chained in total self-production. In 2015, he started getting playlisted internationally with a downtempo electro remix by an Australian artist who was just emerging at the time. This is followed by the publication of the track list of my albums on the MTV Italia website, FM radio broadcasts of the remix in California, then publications in the international, Australian and American music press mainly. In parallel, last years he had evolved with a Parisian team of independent arthouse film producers, particulary with Asian and French film coproductions. We Can notice this is the first time this year that the artist has competed in international film festivals.

Taking its name and inspiration from the famous George Orwell novel, 1984 explores dystopian themes through groovy, ’80s-inspired electronic beats. On the artist’s seventh album, he is joined by long-time collaborator Junior Souza on electric guitar, and Rubens Filho on bass, both hailing from Brazil.

While the artist has held on to his signature bounce and flow, he has given it a bit of a darker twist. Listeners can feel classical influences under the funky surface, giving the music a more dramatic effect. WE Can find Électro tracks with lyrical singing, an unexpected format that knows how to surprise the listener, like Orwellian Era and Mirage of Freedom tracks.

Concerning AQUARIUS project, this audio track is inspired of aquatic theme composed by Eric Sera in 1988 ( original score of French movie "THE BIG BLUE " ) with a touch of Synthwave. Effortlessly vibey yet technically refined, this is undoubtedly R.Djordan’s most musically accomplished album yet.


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