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A Holistic Journey

A Holistic Journey is the reality/travel/education documentary style television series that entertains as it educates. Staring, Alfredo Bowman Jr. (Asami) and Aja Bowman, known in the pilot episode as Sherice Senior (maiden name). Asami and Sherice lead viewers on this holistic journey where they discover, examine and sample medicinal plants, herbs, food and remedies in areas where people live the healthiest and the longest. They learn natural healing methods from holistic healers. They experience different people and cultures around the world. The featured healer in the pilot episode is “A Holistic Journey’s” own, Asami. Asami returns to Honduras for the first time in 21 years where his holistic journey was cultivated. Sherice and Asami visit the Usha Village, the healing village Asami helped build with his father, world famous holistic healer Alfredo Bowman Sr. (Dr. Sebi).

Created by Bobby Broome, the “A Holistic Journey” team is guided by a very talented producer/director. Bobby Broome built a body of work starting as an Assistant Camera on long form productions: "Rags to Riches" (1987 and 1988), "Munchies" (1987), "The Wonder Years" (1988 and 1989), "L.A. Bounty" (1989), "Criminal Act" (1989) and "1ST & 10" (1990). Working in the camera department is where Bobby studied intensely every director up close and learned the art of film making.

Bobby Broome then put in to practice lessons learned. He produced and directed over 30 music videos. He directed the following video productions: "All Pro Sports Football Series" (1996) Segment Director 4 episodes, "A Day with Officer Pete" (1997), Atlantic Starr "Valentine's Day Love Fest" concert (2018) Swim School" (2020 and 2021). Currently in 2022 Bobby Broome is producing the re-release of “Stay on Point”, Producing and Directing "A Holistic Journey” and directing commercials, electronic press kits and various industrial level videos. Bobby is also a published author, video editor and cameraman.

Watch the film:


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