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A Greenland story

Vincent Monahan and Marieke Lexmond were first time directors who shot, A Greenland story, an independent film made as a passion a project by the crew. Set along the West coast of Greenland, this film reveals a country and people at a crossroads between tradition and modernity. With no roads connecting its coastal communities, a humble boat and its Irish crew move quietly in the background giving rare access to remote villages up into the Arctic Circle. In near 24-hour daylight, sailing by vast icebergs and sharing midnight encounters with humpback whales, we are invited into homes and communities along the way.

These heartfelt interactions reveal a generous and inviting people battling to hold onto the culture that forms their identity. A hunting society turned capitalist, local hunters no longer feed their communities. As the ice disappears around them, what future beckons? Perhaps one that offers an easier type of living, but these modern conveniences bring their own difficulties.

This is a celebration of Greenland’s culture, a lament for a changing way of life and a yearning for a positive future for a people facing such uncertain times.


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