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Whiskey Mountain Days

A golden opportunity. A startling connection. When a young man falls for a famed actress of yesteryear, can he control his overflowing emotions?

Twenty-year-old Ben Miller is eager to kick-start his film career. After winning an award for his student film and getting arrested for defending his leading lady in a fight with her abusive co-star, the Hollywood-aspirant’s prospects look bleak. But his hopes reignite when a famous director offers him a production role on an upcoming project. And when Ben arrives on set, he can’t believe his luck when he’s assigned to work under the gorgeous older assistant director.

Struggling to contain his growing feelings, Ben is thrilled when his beautiful supervisor admits to the same forbidden desires. But as word of their love affair spreads and her soon-to-be ex-husband threatens to take custody of their child if she doesn’t break it off, Ben fears their bittersweet romance might not be a box-office hit.

As profound and unexpected love propels him into adulthood, will Ben become the man he’s meant to be, or will he lose the woman of his dreams forever?

Whiskey Mountain Days is a sweet coming-of-age romance. If you like show business backdrops, hopelessly smitten heroes, humorous banter, and heartbreaking drama, then you’ll adore Bill Walker’s tender tale of maturation. The short project is directed by Bill Walker.

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