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What Remains

Gillian Genser, an artist based in Toronto Ontario, shares a message through her artwork about the preservation of the planet. By sculpting with mussel shells that contain lead toxins to create her sculpture, she was exposed to a high degree. Later diagnosed with heavy mental poisoning, the piece then took on a larger meaning. This expository documentary shares her experience, showcases her artwork, and explores her artistic process.

Kylie Edwards is a film student with proficiency in graphic design and picture editing. Currently attending Humber College working to explore a career in the film industry.

In her previous education, she studied and received awards for Communications Technology and Dramatic Arts. Her interest in production began when she worked as a camera operator and co-directed a music video for a musician based in Toronto, ON.

In the future, she plans to apply her skill sets to produce films in an array of genres, and also be involved in picture editing, and art directing.


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