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Open Water

In a world devastated by climate change, a man swims against hope to find life and survive in a perilous world. Open Water was recognized and screened in the environmental category of Montreal Independent Film Festival and the project is directed by Samuel Bossman.

Director Biography - Samuel Bossman Director Samuel Bossman grew up on the Isle of Wight, he studied at Goldsmiths and then got a scholarship to drama school. Since graduating he has worked as an actor on award-winning independent films, and was cast by Yorgos Lanthimos in his Oscar-winning film The Favourite. He set up Deadman to promote new voices and new work from underrepresented areas. This led to being selected by the BFI as an emerging film-maker and a life-changing roundtable with indie legend Jim Cummings. My first short with Deadman Cliff Edge received funding and is currently on a festival run. We followed this up with our proof of concept pilot Open Water.

Director Statement This is our pilot/proof of concept short Open Water. We hope it poses a lot of questions and opens up a lot of story threads for audiences. Developed with funding from The Mike Howley Trust we want to turn it into a powerful new series, driven by climate change. We have a very good idea of where the series will go with a treatment and series outline and believe that the idea has a lot of development potential and also audience buy-in, with a significant climate change driven series yet to be developed.

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