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Villainy (Coda)

Villainy (Coda) is a mythic and surreal journey through the liminal world of an anxious dreaming mind. This is the latest collaboration between award winning filmmaker/set designer Emil Agopian and acclaimed dancer Yukichi Hattori explores the fragility of the untouched when it is set in the sights of a villain. Lana Henchell and Akiko Tominaga's virtuosic rendition of an original piano duet by Juno-nominated composer Vincent Ho underscores the film.

Emil Agopian is a film director and creative producer. He is also a trained classical cellist, and he enjoys working on projects that intersect music, live action or animated film, visual art, and other artistic disciplines. He is a fan of remaking genres and would like to break new technical ground, frequently engaging with new forms of digital and analogue film technique to impart his artwork with a unique artistic identity. He is into directing projects that interface film, music and technology in new ways.


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