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Truck Dad

"Truck Dad" is about A drunk man with an unbelievable past shares his childhood with a confidant at a bar. Hilarity ensues. The project is a short animation which is an official selection of the Montreal Independent Film Festival and Sydney Underground Film Festival. "Truck Dad" is directed by Tamir Rawlings and Bradley Wilkinson.

Bradley Oliver Wilkinson is a native Texan who graduated from St. Edwards University with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts in 2002. Originally a painter, he was known by his peers for his character-based street art. He was making the city of Austin his workspace, showcasing his artwork in small galleries and wheat-pasting giant stickers all over town. He moved from Austin to Seattle in 2013 for a change in direction and began making animated short films. He has no formal animation training, taking much pride in being self-taught in the field. The combination of art school and street art has made his animation style distinctive, crafting it for an arthouse and underground comedic film audience. "It feels familiar. In a good way. Like curling up with your favorite bong. It hits the sweet spots, and all the surreal ones," Melinda Green. Early inspirations include 90's classics such as The Simpsons, Rockos Modern Life, Ren and Stimpy, Beavis and Butthead, Dr. Katz, Space Ghost, and Home Movies.

A Seattle-based musician, Bradley composes original soundtracks for some of his films. His band, breakfast tacos, recently appeared in Volcom Skate Video, Alec Majerus' Gnar-V - Positive Latitude. Short award-winning films include TDEOMMVDH: The Deplorable Existence of Monster Mt. VS Dreams Hernandez, Rhino N' Bird, Werewolf in a Gucci Sweater, and Poop Shoes.

Tamir Rawlings grew up in northwest Montana, Tamir began drawing comics at an early age, experimenting with animation using action figures, and later making music and movies with other humans. He is a director, writer, and voice-actor in the all of his and Bradley's animated short films. His influences come primarily from secretly watching Wondershowzen, Beavis and Butthead, Jackass, and bad reality tv while his parents would sleep. He still gets most of my ideas while staying up late doodling and yes, he is still watching the same stuff.

When not writing and directing he does grip and camera work for series and films such as American Vandal, Stranger Things, First Cow, and Certain Women. Award winning movies he has written and directed include The Hard Up and Little Star. Award winning Animated Shorts he has directed, written, and voice-acted in include Rhino N' Bird and Poop Shoes.


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