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Toronto Film Magazine Winners

Toronto Film Magazine has recently started an online competition for filmmakers in order to create further opportunities for the artists to be recognized by Toronto Film Magazine. Toronto Film Magazine supports independent filmmakers by promoting their projects on Toronto Film Magazine and creating further publicity for each film project and artist. The magazine has connected with various film festivals in Canada and artists from all over the world. Toronto Film Magazine also has a festival seeking international films from indie filmmakers. The winners of various categories were announced by the Toronto Film Magazine committee on September 17th, 2020.

Here is the list of the winners:

Best Film & Best Actress & Best Actor:


Directed by: Bonnie Foster

Best Horror:

Escape Room

Directed by: Bessy Adut

Special Mention Horror:

Queen of the Dead

Directed by: Justin Head

Best Short Directing:

The Flower People

Directed by: Charles A. Christmam

Best Comedy:

Homeless Sam & Sally

Directed by: Tyrone Evans Clark

Best Animation:


Directed by: Katarzyna Adamus

Best Experimental:

The Veil

Directed by; Aaron Richardson

Best Documentary:

We are all in this together

Directed by: Daniel Troia


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