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The Traveler

A prehistoric hunter-gatherer (Herman Gambhir) faces the primal conflicts of survival and mourns the loss of his love. When faced with a looming storm, he finds shelter in a cave and discovers the inspiration he needs to reconnect with her once again. D.L. Guerra (Drew Lewis) has long been fascinated with paleoanthropology, and specifically how our ancient ancestors created art to tell stories across time. He states that this story explores themes of time, the invisible mysteries of the universe, and one human being’s ability to weather the storm and ultimately influence the world around them. During the process of researching this time period, and writing the script, he first set out to answer a few questions... What sorts of problems did early humans face? Did prehistoric people have the same emotional capacity as modern humans? What would happen if we came face-to-face with the Upper-Paleolithic version of ourselves? What could we teach each other?

D.L. Guerra (Drew Lewis) is a writer, director, and editor, who has been making his own way in the film industry for over a decade. He’s honed a distinct voice by telling unique and visually impactful stories that linger with audiences long after the viewing experience is over.

D.L. began his journey as a filmmaker at the age of twelve, when his father brought home a VHS-C camcorder that he won in a raffle in Houston, Texas. It wasn’t long before he began making his own experimental films, casting his friends in roles, and by the time he graduated high school, he had written, directed and edited dozens of them. In 2010, Drew graduated from Full Sail University with a Bachelor of Science in Film Studies and founded his production company, Black Canvas Productions, with his father shortly after. Black Canvas has since produced over 150 digital ads for brands while in parallel serving as a production house for DL’s film projects. In 2018, D.L. wrote and directed, Fanman’s Basement, a fully stop-motion animated short film about an irreverent internet influencer living out of his grandmother’s basement. The film screened at over fifteen film festivals, was nominated for three awards and won Best Animation at KAPOW in North Hollywood, California.



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