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The Sound Eye

The Sound Eye is about Vincent, an obsessed videographer dealing with a broken romance. He decides to take on a job for an engaged couple who we discover are deeply connected to his past and desire for vengeance. A dark psychological thriller where the fractured mind of an intense man narrates us through a path of faith, culture and discovery. The Sound Eye is directed by Rodney Mansour.

Rodney Mansour is a Sydney based Director & Editor whose formation was in television having edited promos, marketing reels, interviews and long form programming. His adoration of cinema is a projection of his elemental love of the moving image. The Sound Eye is a medium length short film that he collaborated on with Producer and Actor friend Wassim Hawat. No story element too small and no concern too big as they crafted this movie in profound detail before capturing any vision. A Psychological Thriller constructed with an experimental approach, this short is a fusion of minds that explores faith, relationships, culture, suffering and the philosophical foundations of it all. Being my first time directing a short, I had the confidence of editing in helping assemble the film and ensure that we had the best coverage to effectively tell the story. The relentlessness of this Voice over driven narrative is sustained and empowered by the editing to aid in following Vincent's journey into darkness.


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