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The Return

"After you have been to hell, you just want to go home." The Return is a short historical action drama that takes place 1000 years ago with a very diverse band of young warriors - men and women - arrogantly and naively sailing off to war.

Expecting a victorious return in a few weeks, the few remaining warriors limp back home after three years of hell. Fearful of what they will find, they experience a very emotional reunion with loved ones, with tears of joy for the living, and cries of sadness for the dead. Their leader, Erik, reunites with his bride and finds a shocking surprise - three-year-old twins, a boy, and a girl, he did not know he had left behind.

Bo Tanas has been working for many years as a musician, songwriter, music producer and entrepreneur but his passion for filmmaking took him to the film industry as a filmmaker.

He was fascinated with the language of cinema, and he wanted to make an indie film. He was inspired to write, direct and produce a short film called "The Return"

Director Statement:

The Return takes us back 1000 years but is as relevant today as ever before. I was compelled to write and direct my first film, The Return. Years ago, as I was traveling globally, I got the CD called “Songs From A Secret Garden” by the group Secret Garden. I must have listened to this album and the piece called “Pastorale” over one hundred times, literally. Each time I heard it I saw the same, complete movie in my head. I have never had a piece of music affect me like this.

This beautiful music stirred up so many images and feelings in me, specifically what an emotional experience it must be for those returning home from the nightmare of war and reuniting with loved ones. I eventually realized that I have to produce the film for which “Pastorale” is the primary soundtrack.

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