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The Group (Balagam)

Komurayya, an old man living in a Telangana (India) village, is a jovial figure who wakes up early in the morning, greets everyone and works on his farm. He has three children – two sons, Aillaya and Mogilayya and a daughter, Lakshmi. But his family is no longer the same. His grandson Saayilu, a bright but self-centered youngster, decides to get married to clear his debts with the dowry he gets. Komurayya’s death just before the engagement changes the course of his life and the family members, rattling some skeletons in the closet. The family's post funeral pinda (riceball) ritual, attended by the whole village, shows that the old man’s soul is unsatisfied with something when the crows refrain from eating the offerings. Will the family sort out their differences, figure out the old man's wishes and free the departed soul?

Venu Yeldandi (a.k.a Tillu Venu) is a comedian turned Director who made his Directorial Debut with the movie 'Balagam'. He played comic roles in hundreds of films before turning a Director. Balagam was written and directed by him and he has earned both critical acclaim and commercial box office success with his very first film as a Director.


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