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Talk To Me In Silence

"Which memory will you keep?" A nostalgic woman confronts a stranger in her house, one who ultimately reveals their shared history and the love they have for one another. "Talk to me in silence" is a short narrative film. The project is directed by Julia Ngeow.

Julia 秀英 Ngeow (Director) is an Australian film director and screenwriter who has created films across the globe. Driven by a passion to uncover truth and cultivate empathy through storytelling, Julia has created documentaries, narratives, music videos and commercials that explore psychology and the physics of reality with a focus on interconnectedness and human vulnerability. Many of Julia’s recent films explore the intersection between art and science. She has a background in STEM, and graduated from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelors in Biophysics. Julia currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Julia has mentioned in her statement that this project was born out of a collection of inspirations and drawn from the overwhelming fear of losing one’s sense of identity through memory loss, and the impact it brings upon a family. It is also an homage to memory building and the bonds formed through human relationships. Bonds that carry us through times of hardship and enable us to keep each other “alive and awake” beyond illness or death. This film examines our responsibility as human beings towards one another, and is a love letter to anyone who has "lost" a loved one to memory loss.


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