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Summer 2022 Winners of Montreal Independent Film Festival

The seasonal winners of the Summer 2022 in Montreal Independent Film Festival (MIFF) include some of the most talented independent artists from Canada and all over the globe. International and Canadian indie projects competed in various sections of the Montreal Independent Film Festival. MIFF Canada has dedicated itself to the promotion, screening and recognition of independent film projects, arthouse cinema and indie artists working on a variety of genres in cinema. The festival brings emerging and established talents together in various categories of the festival and has devoted itself to the spirit of indie filmmaking and the language of cinema. Every year, the festival committee selects the finalists of the annual event with live screening from the previous seasonal winners. It is our pleasure to announce the latest winners of the seasonal festival.

Here are the winners of the Summer 2022 seasonal festival:

Best Narrative Feature

It's Spring

Director: Roman Musheghyan

Best Narrative Short

Being Born

Director: Satoshi Tanaka

Best Feature Documentary

Scream of the Soul Director: Dominique Othenin-Girard

Best Short Documentary

My Name Is Dekan Director: Ala Hoshyar Tayyeb

Honorable Mention Paranormal Documentary Film:

The Harrisville Haunting: The Real Conjuring House Director: Matt Benton

Best Independent Film


Director: Federica Biondi

Best Unproduced Feature Script


Writer: Kristen Wade

Best Unproduced Short Script

Good Night, Sergeant

Writer: Graeme MacQueen

Best Horror

Badlands Director: Gabriel Chicano

Best Science Fiction

The White Rock

Director: Maxime Laurin

Best Animation

The Night Walker

Director: Jonathan Valentine

Honorable Mention Science Fiction

Soulmate Director: Liang Huo

Best Comedy

L'Entente Cordiale (The Cordial Agreement)

Directors: Gautier Piton, Clément Douillet

Best Web Series/TV Pilot

Children Of The Pines

Director: Joshua Morgan

Best Experimental


Director: Craig Murray

Honorable Mention Experimental

Shudder Director: Rob Ride

Best Environmental


Director: Dan Minsky

Best Female Director

LOST Director: Ekin Onat

Honorable Mention Female Director

A Horse Called Possum

Director: Tori Layne

Best Human Rights

The Vertical Border

Director: Sonja Wolf

Best First-Time Feature Filmmaker

Don't Tear Yourself Apart

Director: P. Tavares

Best First Time Short Filmmaker

Monarque Director: Laurence Tremblay

Best Student Film

A Song of the Land Director: César Velasco


8 years

Director: JD Alcázar

Best Music Video

DEAD DREAMS FALLING Director: Craig Murray

Honorable Mention Music Video

1955 Director: Martin Melnick

Honorable Mention Music Video


Best Indie Thriller

Avarice Director: John V. Soto

Best Canadian Indie

If You Say Too Much Director: Kira Thiphavong

Honorable Mention Canadian Indie


Director: Vic Sarin

Best Director of the season

The Road to Galena

Director: Joe Hall

Best Cinematographer of the season

Clark Vandergrift

The Road to Galena

Best Actor of the season

Mehmet Esen


Best Actress of the season

Hitomi Ando

Being Born

Best Editor of the season

The Sound Eye

Rodney Mansour

Best Composer of the season

Betur sjá augu (See No Evil)

Mari Sainio

Best Scriptwriter of the season

Richard C Ledes


Best Youth Artist of the season

Conrad Ørland Wathne


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