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Still Got the Juice: A Script by Antoinette Fernandez

"Still Got the Juice" is about one phone call from an anonymous caller which threatens the removal of two inseparable sisters from their troubled home. The story of a loyal aunt, a caring teacher and a mother who carries the weight of the world on her shoulders collide together. The script is written by Antoinette Fernandez.

Born and raised in Boston Massachusetts, Antoinette Fernandez continues to work on various scripts and film projects. Still Got The Juice " has earned her recognitions and nominations in some of the most important emerging independent film festivals and writing contests worldwide.

It was our pleasure to speak to Antoinette Fernandez regarding her scripts and her work as an artist.

What motivated you to work on writing Still Got the juice?

December 10, 2015 I lost my sister to cancer. At that time I found myself secluded from the world. Lost, confused and looking for an escape from the grieving I’ve endured on a level that can’t be put into words. Before she died I wrote treatments , filmed , edited and directed music videos for local rappers. When she died all that came to a halt. She was also an artist a unique soulful singer... one of her friends would approach me asking for me to shoot a music video for them and I would decline ... he then said to me (Toni) you use to have the JUICE.... and it hit me that I was dying inside and if I didn’t snap out of it I could be gone from this world too... September of 2016 Still Got The Juice was born ... A series about the young , old, rich, middle class, and those in poverty ... This is a series for all people all races losing themselves only to find their way again... and we are still going strong...with nominations and placements worldwide. I hope these stories give our audiences hope, courage, and a reason to live again no matter the obstacles they face.

What inspired you to start writing scripts and what was the first script you wrote?

Great Question.. Actually my Aunt who was also a writer who passed away a year go encourage me to turn the lyrics I would write into scripts for she loved how I would tell a story in such detail in such little time . My very first script was a treatment to a music video ..I would do all the story boards for local music artist and film and direct their videos.

Do you prefer to direct your scripts and turn them into films?

Yes, but I am also open to working with directors.

Which writers have been influential in your writing?

I am very inspired by Shonda Rhimes , I love How To Get Away With Murder.. It so intense and keeps you hooked through each episode. She is an outstanding writer.

Which instructors in scriptwriting do you recommend to other writers?

I would highly recommend Syd Field. I have three of his books I read.

The Foundations Of Screenwriting

The Screenwriters Workbook

Four Screenplays

How can cinema, films and arts have an impact on society and change the world?

Great storytelling begins when you have an audience that has been able to connect emotionally to your story. No matter if it’s comedy or tragedy, you can make a huge impact on a person when they can relate to the story your writing.

Why do you want to be a scriptwriter and what inspires you to write for the screen?

My inspiration to write for the screen comes from what I see in the world as well my own personal experiences . There are so many stories that are untold . We have to keep bringing these untold stories to life on the big screen.


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