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Spending Some Time Together

This is the story of Joshua Anderson. A man who falls in love with Rose Starling, a woman he stalks at the super market. His love and passion for her push him to extreme lengths, such as kidnapping her. But his reign of terror doesn't stop there and we follow him on his horrifying and delusional journey to make his relationship with Rose work out. As the story unravels Joshua’s plans seem to start falling apart due to the many challenging obstacles he faces. One of the obstacles being detective David James keeping a close eye on him due to his connection to a crime scene.

Jace Elton started out just wanting to be an actor when he was twelve, but very quickly started to dabble into other aspects of film making. He always had a passion to create and tell stories. He would make Lego stop motion videos growing up and reenact scenes from popular films. In 2018 he started making short horror films for YouTube . Many of those being fan films of established franchises along with some original non horror shorts. With every short film he made it prepared him to create his first feature film “Spending Some Time Together” in which he wrote the script, stars, and directs, along with many other duties. After three years of hard work on pre production, three months of production, and eleven of post production, the work he is most proud of is finally completed and ready to show at festivals world wide.

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