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Seasonal winners of MIFF

The seasonal edition of Montreal Independent Film Festival brings together independent filmmakers and artists from all over the globe. The festival's popularity has grown in the past years, and it has ranked as the top 7 most popular Canadian film festivals, dedicated to international film projects. The winners of the seasonal festival go through another round of programming for the annual festival which happens in late spring of every year as a hybrid event with Cinema du Parc of Montreal in association with MIFF channel and MIFF magazine. Montreal Independent Film Festival is dedicated to the spirit of indie filmmaking and the language of cinema. It is our pleasure to announce the winners of the latest seasonal edition of 2022.

Best Feature Film


Director: Marco Della Fonte

Best Independent Film

God's Time

Director: Daniel Antebi

Best Narrative Short

A Love Worth Fighting For

Director: Toby Fountaine

Honorable Mention Documentary

Hidden Wounds

Director: Richard Lui

Honorable Mention Documentary


Director: Jeff Zimbalist

Best Short Documentary


Director: Golzar Taravati

Best Feature Documentary

Case for Kindness

Director: Steven Sawalich

Best Horror

The Mistress

Director: Greg Barton

Best Comedy


Director: Stu Stone

Honorable Mention Comedy

Hoarder on the Border

Director: Takayuki Kayano

Honorable Mention Comedy

Another Blood Sucker

Director: Drake Dalgleish

Best Animation

My Grumpy Grandpa

Director: Komi Messan Anth

Best Human Rights

Tomorrow We continue

Director: Abdullah Ghanem

Best Science Fiction

The Dark Room

Director: Heesoo Choi

Best Web series of the season

Les Liaisons dangereuses : The lost letters

Director: Karine Ricard

Best Experimental


Director: Iñaki Ortiz Villaseñor

Honorable Mention Experimental


Director: Raha Euphoria

Best Environmental Docu

Keep Cool: Fortifying British Columbia

Director: Ed Akselrud

Best Environmental Drama

You Never Know One Day You Too Might Become A Refugee

Directors: Teo Nicholas Ormond-Skeaping, Lena Dobrowolska

Honorable Mention Environmental


Director: Alexi Liotti

Best Female Director

For Tomorrow

Director: An Tran

Best First time filmmaker


Director: Jessica Fox

Honorable Mention First time filmmaker

James the Second

Director: Max Amini


Medium Young

Director: Erin Margurite Carter

Best Student Film


Director: Alicia Tremblay

Honorable Mention Student Film

Full Moon

Director: Rongsheng Zhu

Best Thriller


Director: Giuseppe Di Giorgio

Best Canadian Indie

The Ace and the Scout

Director: Aaron Huggett

Honorable Mention Canadian Indie

Welcome to Kittytown

Director: Douglas James Luciuk

Best Director


Director: Battumur Dorj

Best Cinematography

Mik Allen

Dreams live in trees

Best Actor

Eric Gravolin

A Love Worth Fighting For

Best Actress

Kiera Morgan


Best Editor of the season

Juliette Haubois

The Great Means

Best Film Composer

Simon Kolle for Call of the Unseen

Best Feature Screenplay (Unproduced)

Eve's Promise

Writer: Brad Catherman

Best Short Screenplay (Unproduced)

Jimmy Duff and the Modfather

Writer: Craig Warnock

Best Writer of the Season

The Santiago Inheritance

Writer: Kingsley Poole

Best Music Video

Jeff Hilliard - Finger Bang Your Day Directors: Jeff Hilliard, John Orphan

Honorable Mention Music Video

Build a house

Director: Donald McQuade

Best Youth Artist of the Season

Bryce Gheisar

James the Second

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