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Saint Clair Cemin: Directed By Svetlana Cemin

Saint Clair Cemin, Psyche is a one-hour experimental arthouse documentary film by Svetlana Cemin.

The award-winning film is a personal portrait of a Brazilian artist. The film reflects on the artistic journey of suffering and joy of creation through arts.

The cinema verite language of the film truly stands out to the audience when they follow the life of an artist working on various sculptures. The film takes us through this process of creating an artwork from the development to the completion.

The film deals with the unconscious level of arts and the mind of the artist that creates his art. The film is basically about the psyche of the artist. The film deals with how the artist examines the form, structure, and the style of his work in the studio. The artist has a very mystical approach toward creation.

The cinematic language of this experimental docudrama truly fits the style, theme, and the concepts that are involved in the film.

The film is not just about arts or the portrait of an artist but it goes beyond all of them and deals with life and being. The cinematography and the editing of the film is also very impressive in this experimental documentary genre.

The directing style, the themes, and the cinematic language of the film also leans toward a poetic author cinema. Music, images, life, and arts collide together in the film to show the beauty of not just arts but life.

Svetlana Cemin is a director, producer, experimental artist, and the founder of 610Film in Brooklyn. She also worked as a model and actress prior to her turning into the cinematic language.

She was raised in Serbia and her passion is to create films about arts, artists and life.

Her films have premiered in numerous international film festivals and Saint Clair Cemin, Psyche is an award-winning film which will be screened this week on Toronto Short Film Channel Festival.


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